From America to Australia: My new life down under

I always find it interesting what inspires – or re-inspires in my case – someone to take up a hobby, follow a passion, or pursue a creative outlet. A year ago I started Zest of Zen for nothing more than having some artistic, and obviously delicious, freedom. 

Yea right. Being the big dreamer that I am I thought I’d be picked up by Food Network, start my own health food line and begin authoring a cookbook… that year.

Life has taken a different path.  I stopped blogging, packed my bags, and moved half way around the world to the land down under. I have just reached my half year mark (where has the time gone??) living in Australia.

Sydney is amazing – I absolutely love my new home.  The city is so beautiful it almost hurts your eyes.  The people are so wonderful I feel like I’m part of their family. And the healthy and active lifestyle is right up my alley.  I’ve turned into a coffee snob, built an incredible network of dear friends, became addicted to green brekkie bowls (recipes to come!), and found love in the people, places and oh so wonderful things on the other side of the world. What more could a girl ask for? 

How about that creative outlet? Last night I was cleaning out my computer files and came across this “journal entry” I wrote on my 17 hour flight from Dallas to Sydney. 

It made me realize how much I missed blogging, journaling, photography, and simply cooking and eating and sharing it all.  It also made me realize how much I’ve grown these past few months and have little documentation of it. 

There is so much to share about the wonderful culture, food, lifestyle in my new world.  So last night I made a personal pledge to devote more time to this site and share my love for life in Australia and all it has given me…. if not for anyone else, I’m doing it for me.  Though, I do hope you enjoy! 

Wishing my friends and family were here to enjoy life down under with me!
Wishing my friends and family were here to enjoy life down under with me!

Departing for AustraliaApril 27, 2015

You’ve been good to me, Dallas. It was eight unforgettable years.  It is hard to believe I’m sitting on a plane – flying 17 hours – away from everything I know and love.  This born and breed Kansas girl, turned Texas transplant, is inbound for the Land of Oz.  Sydney, I’m coming for you. 

Now I’m not particularly good with farewells – no one is, right?  But I have come to peace with the tears that just keep coming.  I have incredible memories of my time on SMU’s campus; followed by the four remarkable years I spent launching my career in Dallas.  It was beautiful, it was challenging, and it became so comfortable.  But great things rarely come from comfort zones.   

Leaving Kansas was a trial in spreading my wings.  It led me to some of my closest friends, helped me discover independence, and outfitted me with a bit of a southern draw.  Don’t worry, y’all… I can take the last two with me.

However, this past year I’ve been craving a new adventure. Fortunately for me the time has come. Never in a million years did I think I would pack my life in 4 suitcases (and must admit a few shipped boxes) for a country I’ve never been to filled with people I’ve never met.

Right now I’m lonely, a bit scared, daunted, tired of this plane seat, but so incredibly excited, looking forward to the possibilities, and of course the beautiful Sydney Harbour.  Everything in me knows this is right.

And it was a perfect last day in American.  I woke up and ran the Katy Trail, hugged, cried, laughed and laughed some more over Dream Café brunch with my best friend Court, walked through Knox/Henderson with Mom and Dad, and had a Texas size toast in my West Village townhouse before catching a one-way ticket down under.

In the words of one of my dear friend Kate’s dad, Jerry Jameson, on graduation night in May 2011, who had us screaming, “We own this town!” Texas, you’ve been good to me.  It’s time to go own my life in Sydney now.  


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