Deep Ellum Brewery: Reasons to Drink Craft Beer

I am no beer connoisseur. In fact I’ve been known to order from the four choices of red wine at Idle Rich, an Irish Pub in my Dallas neighborhood. Embarrassing, I know. But if there’s one beer bandwagon I can get on it’s the craft brewery one.

Deep Ellum Brewery, you had me at happy sampling. This craft brewery, which by the American Brewers Association means it’s small, independent and traditional, has kept the Dallas community hoppy for the past 2 years. The laid back Deep Ellum vibe, diverse group of locals, and passionate brewing team really got me thinking this craft beer movement is something special. It’s like the iconic American dream of following your passion to success while serving the local community.

From someone who is not traditionally a beer drinker I walked away from Deep Ellum Brewery (and did a little research) to come up with my Top Ten Reasons to Support Craft Breweries…. Cheers to that!

  1. It’s seasonal. They say eat with the seasons, so why not drink with the seasons too? Cherry Chocolate Double Brown Stout will pull at your boyfriends heartstrings in February while Gourdzilla, a Belgian style Brown Ale, is a perfect complement to your next Halloween party when it hits shelves in the fall. Craft breweries really know how to celebrate the seasons. Day Drinking Essentials
  2. Be social. Great beer makes for great times…. Take one down, pass it around! Trying out different craft beers with various smells and tastes leads to good conversation and an overall fun afternoon. It was a great way to relax and unwind with friends.   
  3. More alcohol. I’m not condoning getting tanked every Saturday, but why not have a drink that packs a punch instead of a watered down beer that is mass produced. Many craft beers have an alcohol content exceeding 10%, compared to popular beers like Budweiser which is around 5%. You’ll need a 6-pack of Bud to get the same kick as a few craft beers, so why not enjoy the buzz from a beer that’s local and unique?Pouring Craft Beer
  4. Food pairings. Wining and dining’s been celebrated for years. Well craft beer comes in such a variety of styles that it can match any meal. You can add dimension to your dinner by cooking with beer too. Chicken with Honey Beer sauce, anyone? Deep Ellum Dallas Blonde
  5. Health benefits. Wine drinkers, myself included, indulge without guilt because of the publicized health benefits. I wouldn’t go so far as to say any alcohol is a “health food,” but craft beer is also making a name for itself in the health benefits category. Craft beers have more hops than most watered down beers. Hops contain polyphenols, which help lower cholesterol, fight cancer and help kill viruses.
  6. Meet the brewers. One of the neatest benefits of drinking craft beer is meeting the people behind the bottle. Craft brewers put their heart and soul into the work they do and their passion for beer is contagious. After speaking with one of the brewers it made me appreciate the drinking experience that much more.   Most craft breweries offer daily brewery tours during which you get to sample their beers and meet the makers. Refrigerator at Deep Ellum Brewery
  7. Experiment and Sample. Craft breweries have been known to add their own twist on the brewing process by using new and non-traditional beer ingredients which have resulted in more flavor and more diversity. Appreciate the choices and try something new. 
  8. Fuel up after a workout. Hey athletic one, beer is here to help. Beer is 93 percent water and can deliver a (small) dose of antioxidants after a run. Hey, if anything, it’s just a nice reward.
  9. Beauty regiment. You can bathe in it for better skin or warn off a bad hair day with a beer shampoo. It’s said to get rid of frizzy hair and add volume to your locks. Beer spas are popping up in Europe, but no need to leave your house to take part. Home Remedies Blogger has the step-by-step to make your own beer bath. Since craft brews are full of unique smells and flavors use one that appeals to you for optimal relaxation.
  10. Benjamin Franklin condones it. “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.” -Benjamin Franklin

With that, kick back, relax and enjoy a cold local brewski. Thanks Deep Ellum Brewery for a perfect summer Saturday!

Saturday Afternoon at Deep Ellum Brewery


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