Sun Tea with Lemon and Berries

Sun tea is what I refer to as my “dirty water detox.” Even when it’s garnished with fresh berries and lemon slices it still doesn’t look appealing. Looks can be so deceiving…

Sun Tea 2

Growing up my mom turned the simple drink into a summer staple. When the sun was beating through the kitchen window she found no point in heating up the kettle to get her caffeine fix. She is such a practical woman. So when the temperatures began to rise last week I thought it would be a good idea to follow in Mom’s footsteps.

Using a recycled glass jar and the sheer force of Mother Nature’s rays I created my own delicious and nutritious sun tea to beat the summer heat. The process itself is ridiculously simple. What you need:

  • One recycled glass jar with metal lid to help attract the sun. Mason jars always do the trick, but you can use a well washed pickle or salsa jar you’ve saved.
  • 2-3 tea bags depending on you jar’s size. Black tea works well for sun tea, but I chose Tazo’s Green Tea.
  • Purified water
  • Optional: Fresh mint, berries or lemon for an extra kick

Fill the well-washed jar with filtered water, add your tea bags, tighten the lid and place it in the sun. Come back for your tea 4-6 hours later and refrigerate. When you’re ready to drink add a fresh squeeze of lemon juice and berries. Muddled berries would add a nice kick and a bit of honey is the perfect sweeter if you’re craving a bit more of a treat. Enjoy your own” dirty water” detox!

Sun Tea with Lemon and Berries
A "dirty water detox" is the perfect way to beat the summer hear
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Prep Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
  1. Recycled glass jar with metal lid
  2. 2-3 tea bags
  3. Filtered Water
  4. Optional: Berries, Lemon, Fresh mint
  1. Fill the well-washed jar with water
  2. Add the tea bags
  3. Leave outside in the direct sun for 4-6 hours
  4. Refrigerate until cool
  5. Add fresh lemon juice and enjoy
  1. Muddling fresh berries would add a nice antioxidant kick to the drink
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